About Our Church

Let us never forget the special calling of our Alliance work. It is not to form a new religious denomination; it is not to duplicate a work already done. It is not to advocate any special system of theology. It is not to glorify any man or men. It is first to lift up Jesus in His fullness…to encourage and incite people of God to do the neglected work of our age and time among the un-churched classes at home and the perishing heathen abroad.
The Way Church has been incorporated in New York State to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the Hudson Valley Area in NY. We are here in  the Hudson Valley area where it is a wonderful place to live, we will establish a ministry here in the Hudson Valley area praying to impact its economic, political, and social decline, and we are here now to bring the peace, order, stability, and salvation of Christ the King to our community. We purpose to lay a strong foundation to become the Third Place in our community. The place between home and work/school where the community can gather to be refreshed and equipped to be agent of positive transformation in the Hudson Valley community.