James 5:16
If anyone amoung you is sick? Let him call the elders of the church, and let them pray over you, anointing you in oil in the name in the name of the Lord,

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Wisdom and strength
posted by: Janaya Silva on 8/7/2018

Praying for the HOLY SPIRIT to fill me up again.to be guided only by him.to have my steps ordered by the Lord ALMIGHTY.the peace that surpasses all understanding.my words be FEW. & please for my father in law Sam Silva’s siblings-that the generational curse of dementia & Alzheimer’s is BROKEN.DELIVER HIS SISTER IN JESUS CHRIST NAME!
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A Miracle Remove The Hurt From Bobby’s Heart & Mind About Dee, Restore Bobby & Dee!
posted by: Dee J on 7/31/2018

A Miracle Remove The Hurt From Bobby’s Heart & Mind About Dee, Restore Bobby & Dee! Precious Lord Answer My Prayer Of Complete Blessings, Of healing Blessings Upon My Sweet Bobby Snyder. Jr’s Heart, Mind & Soul…Remove His Hurt Feelings Toward His Beloved Dee, Replace Them With Complete Love & Understanding, Longing & Desire. In Jesus' Precious Name, Heal His Heart Forgiving and Forgetting Our Hurts! Bring Healing, Loving, Longing, Desire In Bobby's Heart, Mind & Soul For Dee & Bobby To Be Restored In The Name Of Jesus For This Day & For Always, Loving Praising & Giving Thanks & Glory To The Father, Dear God! Thank You! Heal Bobby's Hurts toward Dee This Day & Have Him Love Deeply, Care Deeply, Contact & Communicate Genuinely This Day & For Always, In Jesus Holy Name! AMEN!!! Bobby is a former Marine He has served our country in three wars... He in denial of having PTSD but he does! He Tells me how he Cherishes, Love & Adores Me But Says Our Past hurts have become the reality he was fearing in our present...Please Join Me In Asking For A Blessed Miracle Of Healing His Heart & Our Relationship That We May Reconcile In The Name Of Jesus This Day! I Am Here For Him And I Am Not Going To Leave Him Because Of The Mental Pain He is In Because of The Horrors Of War He Was Blessed To Survive...God Brought us Together For A Reason! Bobby has Said That "Who knows, maybe your strong faith in the man up-stairs will help my relationship with him...because of what he has lived through in three wars he said that he and the guy up stairs need to work some things out! He is a Good Man Who Accepts Me for Who I Am As I Do Him... Please Help Us Become One In Jesus Precious Name! Thank You For Your Kindness In Helping Bobby & I Restore What Our Lord Brought Together! Many, Many, Many Blessings To You In Jesus Name!
I will pray 2 people are praying.
marriage/family restoration
posted by: Ron and Rachael Cox on 7/29/2018

Pray for victory for our family and marriage this week. Pray the human dividers and attackers are put to shame, silenced and removed from our lives. Pray for the people to be saved. Pray the spiritual, emotional and mental enemy to be silenced and removed. Pray our marriage is restored and our family is put back together wholly. Pray the barriers are removed and positive, loving, humble and healing communication is started and flourishes between my wife, Rachael, and I, Ron. Pray Rachael moves to bring our family and marriage back together this week with her seeing she was wrong about Ron and she trust Ron again. Bring back our love and bring our baby girls back to us together with no one ever interfering or attacking or cursing us again. Silence the one's who have selfish motives to keep us divided. Show us favor O'Lord and bless us and make our marriage a shining example of God's restorative love. Pray fear, paranoia, lies, misunderstandings, anger, malice, manipulation, revenge, spite, hardeness of heart, hopelessness, depression, curses, bitterness and attacks are stopped. Pray wounds are healed and trust is rebuilt. Pray desire for one another grows and the bond is unbreakable. Pray for us to see, hear and understand as God has us to and not to listen to the distractors and our own wayward emotions and beliefs. Pray for increasing faith in Jesus Christ for all. Pray for grace and mercy to be shown by all to all.
I will pray 1 person is praying.
Prayer request
posted by: Hesam kasraei on 7/28/2018

I have prayer request from you.my father is sick and doctor said he has womb and liver cancer.they are disappointed for his treatment.could you please pray for him?Jesus is healer and his power is above all problems.when we pray together,the door of heaven will be open and the healthy spirit come to my father's body.his name is ebrahim.if you can please pray for him in church session.unfortunately we dont have church here because i am in iran now.God bless you and many thanks for your pray.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
health and peace
posted by: agnaldo hasegawa on 6/24/2018

please help prayer for mauro akira hasergawqa and your family.thanks
I will pray 3 people are praying.
health and peace
posted by: agnaldo minoru hasegawa hasegawa on 6/24/2018

please help prayer for luis kiyoshi hasegawa ,for luisa matiko hasegawa and your family .thanks
I will pray 3 people are praying.
health and peace
posted by: agnaldo minoru hasegawa on 6/24/2018

please help prayer for jussara ,for marcia aiko hasegawa and agilma mitsuko hasegawa ,thanks
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Gods mercy
posted by: anonmymons on 6/16/2018

I would like to ask for prayer for Gods mercy, protection, and love over my life. I messed up pretty bad, and have sense got back on the right track. I have repented too. I have payed a price for my sins, and now it looks like I could be facing a even bigger price. Thank you for your time in reading my prayer request.
I will pray 4 people are praying.
marriage restoration
posted by: Ron & Rachael on 6/14/2018

Prayer for Rachael & Ron's marriage to be restored. Pray the enemies plans backfire. Open the door to positive, healing communication. Silence the dividers. Remove fear, doubt, hurt, anger, misunderstandings and those who say no reconciliation. Give us clarity and guidance dear Lord and work Your through us and all to bring us back to You and to each other. Help us to know love covers all and real marriages endure, overcome and thrive on love and are truly joyful. Help us and our 2 y/o daughter and little girl to be born soon. Protect us and restore our passion for each other, our love for each other, our respect for each other and ourself, our desire for each other, our trust for each other and ourself, and our joy. Calm our emotions and replace them with Your Spirit dear Lord and break this curse and the grip of evil. Stop the interference of relatives in our marriage and family.
I will pray 4 people are praying.
my son and my business
posted by: asm on 5/30/2018

I am so end of my rope with failure, anxiety, fear, depressed all the time, need your prayers please. Please pray for my son D start working and finding right girl in his life, he is 34 years and no matter how much I pray, nothing seems to be working. Help sell my business very quickly and do well meanwhile to look attractive to buyer, I am 68 years and cannot handle all this pressure, please help with your prayers. thank you
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