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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to share the story of Gina and Andrew Trilla.  I have personaly know Gina for aproxamately  3 year and Andrew for 10 years.  I had the pleasure of officating my first wedding ceremoney marying them 3 years ago.  Gina and Adrew Trilla  will alway hold a special place in my heart and life as a minster.

Recenly I have been notified by Gina and Andrew that Gina , was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  They are in need of our prayer and support.  They have set up a page for donations at , any thing that you could donate to help Gina would be greatly appreicated. 

Please continue to pray for Gina healing and strenght for her and Andrew during the next few months.  I have decided to post their story on the website for you continued prayer.

Gina and Andrew Story

To everyone who may or may not know…
 …I share this message with you out of the hope that it will help someone else.
 1 week ago today, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Boy have we learned a substantial amount of information to help us make decisions that I will share with you. It all began in September with a SELF BREAST EXAM. After detection, I scheduled a breast exam with my ob-gyn. She confirmed the lump. I followed that up with an ultrasound. The ultrasound determined that the lump was not a cyst. That it was an irregular 1.3cm nodule. The doctor’s office asked me to come in for a biopsy. On Columbus Day, I went for a biopsy and the results came back positive two days later. It had grown to 1.4 cm.
I’ve completed most of the preliminary of blood tests. In addition, we completed BRAC Analysis aka hereditary testing. We followed up by having a MRI (checking to see if the cancer has spread from the lump) and PET scan (full body scan to see if it has spread to the rest of my body.) Since triple negative breast cancer is known for being extremely aggressive, that is the approach we have decided to take. At this point we know that the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes. The cancer has not yet spread to my right side.
With the knowledge we have, the course of treatment will take about a year. We will start with removal of the lump and nodes on my left side. I will heal for roughly 1 month and have a “port” inserted at the end of the month (to prepare for chemo.) We are hoping to do the best that we can to harvest eggs. So down the road we have the option to raise our own family. After healing…we will begin the fight. I will do chemo for about 5 months. Once chemo is finished, I will have a double mastectomy and partial reconstruction. The statistics of cancer returning if I don’t are are high because this is an aggressive cancer. After a hospital stay for the double mastectomy, recovery will take about 2 months. Once I’ve healed…the final step will be radiation. Radiation will last about 2 months. Upon completion of radiation, another surgeries may need to take place.
Through all of this I will depend on family and friends to make it. So many people have been generous with their gestures, thoughts and prayers. Knowing I have so many people who care about me means the world. I will continue to need your love and support throughout the next year. There are many ways in which you can help my family through this fight. First and foremost pray. Second, we might need someone to talk to. We may want some company. I may need assistance with driving with me to chemo and sitting with me for the 3-4 hours it takes. Take the dogs for a walk. Cooking, cleaning or go grocery shopping. I still want to visit with people even if it is just for an hour. I may spontaneously call. I will want you to take Andrew out, get him to do some fun things…so he gets a relief too.
Get tested. MEN and WOMEN need to do self-breast exams. Stay healthy. Prioritize yourself. Live your life to the fullest.