Summer Music Program

By Pastor Felix |  December 14, 2015

Hi everyone,
My name is Pastor Felix.  I am the Pastor of The Way Family Christian Center in Plattekill New York 12568.  We meet at 1250 Rte. 32 Plattekill NY 12568 Building number 3 on the Our Lady of Fatima Camupus.
I want to thank you for coming to this site to find out about this exciting summer music program that we are bringing to the children in our community.
 Inclusive with the food, clothing, financial and spiritual support that we are assisting families in our communities we are taking this bold step to implement a summer music program. 
 Children need to be inspired and motivated in ways that would deeply impact them with hard work and spiritual guidance.  Keeping music available 2 months in the summer  will keep the training fresh and inspire the children to continue in their music education.
 Whether your child is the next Beyonce or more likely to sing her solos in the shower, she is bound to benefit from some form of music education. Research shows that learning the do-re-mis can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs.
 More Than Just Music
 Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. “A music-rich experience for children of singing, listening and moving is really bringing a very serious benefit to children as they progress into more formal learning,”  Pastor Felix Robles
 Making music involves more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; a child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. For instance, people use their ears and eyes, as well as large and small muscles, says Felix Robles Jr.  coordinator of Music Notes , summer music program for children.
  “Music learning supports all learning. Not that Mozart makes you smarter, but it’s a very integrating, stimulating pastime or activity. " Felix Robles Jr.
 The funds will be needed by the end of April 30, 2016 so that all supplies and literature be ordered and schedule be set by the end of June 2016.
 I want to thank you in advance for coming alongside with us in making music a dream come true for our children.
Help us keep music alive and vibrant in the lives of our children. We at The Way Family Christian Center want to invite you to come along side of us to keep music in the lives of our children.
So click on to find out about this exciting summer music program that we are bringing to the children in our community.
May God continue to bless you and your family!
Pastor Felix